FAQ About Vision Works

questions to ask your optom Keep your eyes on the prize of perfect vision Human vision is so vital that regular visits to an optometrist should be a given, but many people ignore issues that could otherwise easily be solved. It’s incredible to think that while humans have five senses, up to 80% of all […]

Myths About Shades

myths about shades It is a universal truth that sunglasses make you look cooler. Whether you’re a pop star or popping out to the shops, a pair of sunnies adds the wow factor to any outfit. More importantly, sunnies can help protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s penetrating UV rays. However, […]

Can’t Bare The Glare?

CAN’T BARE THE GLARE? There are many great things to enjoy about warmer, sunnier weather – but being dazzled by sunshine isn’t one of them! Temporary blindness caused by glare can be not only inconvenient, but downright dangerous. Fortunately, there is a solution – Polarized lenses – another way to #LOVEYOUREYES. WHAT ARE POLARIZED LENSES? […]

Eye Allergies

Let’s look at eye allergies and how Vision Works can help you LOVE YOUR EYES this spring. With warm weather on the way, you may start to feel redness, swelling, watering and itchiness. Your body releases histamines for protection against allergens, leading to swollen, bloodshot eyes. Try not to rub your eyes – this will […]