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Wonders Of The Eye

wonders of the human eye Your eyes are something that you probably don’t give much thought to – as long as they’re working properly. They may only be about the size of a ping-pong ball, but your eyes are among the most amazing parts of your body.  Every moment that you’re awake, your eyes are […]

Dry Eye Syndrome

DRY EYE SYNDROME Do your eyes feel dry, gritty or irritated? Do they water excessively? Do you experience a burning or stinging sensation in your eyes? These are all symptoms of a medical condition called Dry Eye. Although there is no cure, we have the products that can help you find relief. Every time you […]

See The World Through Smart Eyes

SEE THE WORLD THROUGH SMART EYES Are you a multifocal wearer and looking to get the best lenses to optimise your vision? Vision Works have the perfect range of Smart Lenses™ to choose from in order to help enhance what you see with four High Definition Smart Lenses™ options which best suit your visual needs. […]

Do I Have An Eye Infection or Allergy

DO YOU HAVE AN EYE INFECTION OR AN ALLERGY? KNOWING WHAT’S CAUSING THE PROBLEM, CAN HELP YOU DECIDE ON TREATMENT  KNOWING WHAT’S CAUSING THE PROBLEM, CAN HELP YOU DECIDE ON TREATMENT Having itchy uncomfortable eyes is never fun. Irritated red eyes are an annoying condition to go about your day, but could it be a […]

Winter Eye Care

Healthy Foods for Eye Care this Winter Winter is upon us, and with the change in season, we adjust our lifestyles to better suit the chilly climate. This shift brings with it a particular focus on health and nutrition to avoid falling victim to seasonal ailments such as colds and flu. We tend to focus […]

Masks & Glasses

As if we don’t all have enough to worry about right now, between lockdowns and toilet paper shortages, glasses wearers are about to experience a new hassle: fogged up lenses! Then there’s the discomfort of having your mask get in the way of your glasses, and vice versa. With the first gradual lifting of the […]

What Does Corona Virus Mean For Contact Lens Wearers

By now, we all know the best ways to stay safe (and look out for others) during the corona-virus situation: as well as social distancing, we should be washing our hands and avoiding touching our faces. What does this mean if you’re a contact lens wearer? The eyes, nose and mouth are the four entry […]

D-eye-Y Emergency Fixes

Got a Screw Loose? There’s never a good time to lose a screw from your glasses – especially if you’re living under lockdown. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re already running late, or it’s raining, or you’re presenting to the boss at work. Without your glasses, you’ll suddenly feel less connected to […]

Top Five D·eye·Y Treatments To Love & Pamper Your Eyes

We all suffer from eye puffiness or dark bags under our eyes from time to time, the causes of these symptoms range from water retention to sleep deprivation, they can even be affected from allergies we develop to makeup substances we use on a daily basis. Luckily there are a few cost effective methods of […]

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